Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Journal Entry #19

Thursday, April 14 - Day 21 - Mile 162.6 - Fontana Dam.

Hiked 11.5 miles today and arrived at Fontana Dam about 1:30.  Legs were a bit rubbery from yesterday's 16 miler but still made good time.  We were picked up at the trail and taken to The Hike Inn for the night. The folks here, Jeff & Nancy, were terrific.  They did our laundry, drove us to dinner (Mexican) in town, and shared their extensive collection of arrowheads and other Indian artifacts.  They'll also drive us back to the trail in the morning.

The owner informed us that the hike from NOC to Fontana Dam is the most challenging stretch in the South.  No wonder we were whipped when we got here .  I actually felt great after a shower, so I sorted my gear, opened my re-supply box and shared the cookies Jane sent.  (Thanks Jane!)

Guardian told me to stop running around like a teenager and relax like us old hikers should!

Tomorrow were taking all the extra stuff we all had in our re-supplies up to the Shelter to give to the young hikers there.  It's a huge shelter which holds 24.  It's known as the Fontana Hilton.

Tomorrow we head back to the trail at 8:00AM, cross Fontana Dam and head into the Smokies.  Should take about 7 or 8 days to get through.  Another day if I can connect with Bob and Diana.

We have our permits and are ready to go.

Week 4 starts!
Trolley Stop

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  1. Dear Trolley Stop Roger! Wishing you a very Happy Easter! "I lift up my eyes to the hills -- from where will my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth." Thinking of you with love, Eileen