Saturday, April 30, 2011

Journal entry #33

Friday, April 29 - Day 36 - Mile 323.0 - Bald Mountain Shelter

Started my 6th week today with an unanticipated 18.9 mile day.  The longest yet. We were hoping to camp at about mile 317 but no good sites were evident and before we knew it we were well into Big Bald Mountain. The views from the top were some of the best yet.

Guardian should have started back on the trail this morning after a few days off in Hot Springs. Hope he catches up with us one day.  Guardian, if you read this let us know where you are from time to time.

The AARP gang is breaking up as we each start hiking our own hike but these past weeks have been lots of fun together.

The woods have been beautiful with many waterfalls blooming flowers and lush green trees.  Today it truly felt like we were "walking with spring".

It was a beautiful day again today and tomorrow promises to be the same. We'll be in Erwin for sure on Sunday for another Nero.

Tonight I'm tenting as the shelter is full. It's actually more pleasant in the tent and quieter.

Today took about all the energy I have so I'll sign off as the sun sets.  Otherwise feeling great and looking forward to seeing Jane and others in a couple of weeks in Damascus at Trail Days.

Peace, love, joy and hope,

Trolley Stop

PS:  Didn't buy the kilt....yet!

Bald Mountain Shelter

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  1. Wow! I'm reading the book now, and it is truly an amazing journey! I love that everybody has these made up trail names. I think we should all have made up couch names....from this day forward call me Potato Chips. Keep rockin Uncle Rog and buy the kilt at the end so you don't have to carry an extra piece of clothing in that heavy pack! :-)