Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Journal Entry #29

Monday, April 25 - Day 32 - Mile 271.4 - Hot Springs, NC

Short hike into Elmers, a hiker hostel. What a great place!  It's a 1840's huge Victorian with rooms and porches everywhere.

Picked up my supply box at the outfitter.  Everyone's enjoying the chocolate Easter eggs and jelly beans. Thanks Jane!  Now when I pick up a box everyone knows there's going to be something special  to share.

Sharing a great room with Buffalo Bobby with it's own access to a back porch.

For breakfast I had 4 cups of coffee, 2 tall OJs, a large water, sweet potato pancakes w/baked apples and link sausage.  It's now 1:20 and we're having lunch early so we don't spoil dinner. I think the trail hunger has started to kick in

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

Trolley Stop

Lunch with SoulSlosher - This is a young fellow who hung out with us old hikers for the last couple of days. He'll be way ahead of us quickly.

Buffalo Bobby and Silver Hiker



  1. Elmer's is beautiful! 4 cups of coffee, et al. was some gigantic breakfast you had! What is "trail hunger?" and when does it set in? You really look great, UR: I thought you ditched your shaving kit, but you're shaven and definitely the most dapper thru-hiker :) Love Deb & Ken.

  2. ...Except for the tee shirt, you could be sitting behind your desk at work in that picture. It's reassuring to see you looking just like the UR we know, and I'll take the kilt over a beard any day, lol. You should get a prize for sustaining your dignity the longest. As always, you're doin' us proud, Trolley Stop! Love, Deb & Ken.

  3. TS: Yes to the kilt! Looks like it will be very comfortable come those high heat and humidity days. Your story is a joy to follow.