Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Journal Entry #24

Tuesday, April 19 - Day 26 - Mile 204.7 - Newfound Gap (Gatlinburg, TN)

Beautiful day!  Started out early with Guardian in the lead for the short 5 mile hike to the rendezvous point with Bobby Luning.  Like clockwork we met Bobby at 10:00 AM and had a great ride into town through the Smoky Mountain Park.

First item on the agenda was to get to McDonalds for a burger.  Bobby then drove us around to resupply for the balance of our hike thru the Smokies.  The rest of the afternoon was relaxing, taking showers, cleaning clothes, drinking ice cold sodas and beer and catching up on events here.  Then Diana cooked us a great meal which completed a perfect "Nero".

It was so much fun to visit with the whole family and meet Pam and young Bobby after so many years. It's quite ironic that, after their living here for 8 years, it would be walking 204 miles that finally gave me the chance to visit.
Thanks all for showing not only me but Guardian and Buffalo Bobby such a good time.

My sister Rita thought a taste of the good life would make me reconsider this crazy adventure and send me scurrying for the next flight home.  What she didn't know is that a shower, clean clothes, a good meal and a real bed for the night is just the ticket to encourage a hiker to get back on the trail with renewed vigor.

Bobby will drive us back to the trail (no small task) in the morning and the adventure continues.

As we come to a road crossing near you we are always willing to make guest appearances for the above mentioned accommodations.

Further updates at next connection point.
Trolley Stop

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  1. Dear Followers:

    Ken and I watched the National Geographic documentary DVD "Appalachian Trail" last night and became aware of the 2,000 volunteers who work to maintain the Trail and keep it safe for hikers like our Uncle Rog. Please consider donating to the Conservancy online or by mail, in honor of Roger F. Gorey/Trolley Stop:

    Donate online:

    Donate by mail:
    Appalachian Trail Conservancy
    799 Washington Street
    P.O. Box 807
    Harpers Ferry, West Virginia 25425-0807

    Thank you family, but thanks to Trolley Stop for inspiring us to think, dream, learn and give! And thank you Tennessee Lunings for the wonderful "Family Trail Magic" you provided for Trolley, Guardian and Buffalo Bob yesterday!

    Love Debbie.