Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Journal Entry #26

Friday, April 22 - Day 29 - Mile 238.4 - Standing Bear Farm

Red letter day!!!  Beth and Rob are the parents of a little baby boy - Edward Theodore, born 6:16 AM today,  7lbs-11 oz and 21" long   He joins Harrison, Logan (of backpack fame) and MaryJane.

Started out early for our 10.4 mile hike in the rain, but the rain & fog lifted and the day turned out beautiful again.

We're now at Standing Bear Farm which reminds me of Little Abner. Very rustic place with a bunk house, one shower and all wash has to be done by hand.  They even have a ringer & washtubs.

They have plenty of hiker snacks for sale - cold drinks, ice cream, cookies, etc.  We were literally kids in a candy store.

Hiking is getting easier & easier, but steep uphills are still a challenge.

Tonight there's a van ride into town for dinner. I'll let you know how that works out a bit later.

Had cell service for a few minutes in town and was able to speak with Jane and congratulate her on Grandchild #13.

Fried chicken and stuff. Coors Light for desert.  Doesn't get much better on the trail.

We're just sitting around telling stories now.  Some of the younger crowd are going to a bluegrass gig tonight. Don't know where they get the energy. Many of these kids are hiking with knee and ankle problems.

Tomorrow we'll likely camp out at a location where we can see a sunrise on Easter Sunday morning. The weather is supposed to be nice the next couple of days.

Trolley Stop

Deluxe Accomidations

Check - in

Laundry Done By Hand

Bunk House - $15 a night

Re-Supply Store

Two Cod Beers straight from the stream!

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