Saturday, April 9, 2011

Journal Entry #11

Wednesday, April 6th - Day 13 - Mile 79.3 - In North Carolina!

Left Plumborchard this morning with Stopwatch, Optimist, Momma Dee, and Silver Eagle.

Had a wonderful walk with no issues today.  The weather is cold but clear and beautiful.  Crossed into NC at 11:00 AM this morning and finished this afternoon at Muskrat Creek Shelter.

NC greeted us with a solid 1 hour up-hill which had everyone talking at camp.

It's interesting the things you think about as you walk along.  One is a title for an article on hiking...each day it's different..."7 days on the AT", "11 days on the AT", "Hiking the AT in Georgia"...etc.,etc.  Each day the title will get more ambitious.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to extend my daily mileage a bit and shoot for Carter Gap Shelter at mile 91.8.
We have a huge crowd here tonight, both here in the shelter and tenting.  Hopefully the big crowds will begin to die down by mid month.

Dinner is finished, bear bag hung and ready to turn in for the night.

Trolley Stop


  1. Hi Trolley Stop Rog! Happy to see that you are moving along. I understand that Bob is going out to Galinberg to meet you. I hope that works out. We are all fine here. Read in Bryson's book that the AT is about 5 million steps! I did 8,000 steps in Central Park on Thursday and was nearly dead when I got home! I'll just never catch up to you, but I'll keep trying. Know that we are all thinking of you. Love, Eileen

  2. Hi Rog! When I walk every day with Lilly I think of you but my walks are all within Belmont Park. Ha! So happy you are enjoying this adventure. It sure was rainy/stormy yesterday. Hopefully you were at a lodge somewhere in front of a big fire sipping something hot. Double ha! Off to work in my model home. I'll think of you when I climb the stairs to turn on the paddle fans and surround sound music. - - -Joe

  3. Hi Rog - We just bought Lilly a stroller to sit in on the patio. She is attached at the hip tp Peg and only does her business for me. It is warm and sunny here. I agoing to try and get out on the patio to finish my 6th Mary Higgins Clark novel. - - -Joe

  4. Hi Roger, it was neat talking to you on the phone last week. What a surprise for me, too! Ron and I have been to Clingman's Dome; I can picture you there. Sorry about the frozen morning. It can only get warmer as you continue (before it gets colder, up north). I'm enjoying your posts and following your footsteps. Keep on keepin' on, Trolley Stop.