Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Journal Entry #17

Tuesday, April 12th - Day 19 - Mile 135 - Nantahahala Outdoor Center (NOC)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE!!!  Spoke to Jane as soon as I had service.  Sounds like a good week of birthday celebrations are lined up.

Last night the storms rolled in big time.  Kept us awake for hours with lighting, thunder, heavy rain and wind.  Settled down some this morning but still a very rainy day.

Hiked about 6 miles to the NOC where I'll bunk tonight with Buffalo Bobby and Guardian.
Today's hike was a real slip and slide, shoots & ladders.  We came down about 2,400' over very muddy terrain.  I can add leaves to the roots, rocks and mud which all make for an adventurous decent.

Guardian had hiked in last night and was waiting for us to show us the ropes here at the NOC   Really nice gesture.

Showered, clothes washed and had a big hamburger for lunch so all is good with the world.

Now we have the afternoon to check out gear and plan for dinner.

Bought a camp pillow which should make these long rest periods more comfortable...but it does add another 3.7 oz.

Big surprise..heard from Marylou A when she tried to contact Jane for her birthday and got me instead at one of the few points I actually have service.

We'll, now we've had a great dinner and are getting ready to turn in.

Tomorrow we get back on the trail and head for Fontana Dam where we'll spend a night and head for the Smokies.  ( Still no "0" days).

Trolley Stop

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