Monday, April 4, 2011

A Trail Name Has Been Chosen!

I'm actually at a computer at the Hiawassee Inn.  I received my trail name this morning.  I had been calling myself Mr Rogers, but all the young people on the trail thought that "sucked".  So I after much discussion the final decision was "Trolley Stop" or "Trolley" for short.  This evedently was a common term on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. 

All is well and I'll wright some notes tonight for posting and try to send some more photos.  Today's weather is great and I'm going to take a zero day tomorrow.

Roger (Trolley Stop)

Notes from Beth: first, the fact that my dad wrote the word "sucked" cracks me up.  That was a BAD word in our house growing up.  I can only imagine the colorful language he's hearing from the "younger" folks.

Second, for those of you that did not grow up with Mr. Rogers in the afternoon, he had a trolley (called Trolley) that took us from Mr. Rogers house to The Land of Make Believe.  I suppose this is a great name for dad as he went from his comfy condo in Midlothian to the hard woods of his trail (a wish he had for a while).

Trolley Stop...I like it.

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  1. Trolley may stick with you for life! I like it. Keep the updates coming. They are great. Babs