Sunday, April 10, 2011

Journal Entry #14

Saturday, April 9th - Day 16 - Franklin,  NC - another Nero day

It's now 8:30 and we're waiting for the 9AM shuttle at Rock Gap to take us to Franklin.  It's a beautiful morning with birds singing and the sun coming up.  Perfect hiking day, but getting cleaned up and re-supplied is first priority for today.

Now we're in town and I've had a chance to look at the blog.  Thanks so much to all who are following or commenting

Some questions asked:

What surprises have there been on the trail?
Every turn brings new things to look at.  We've seen bear tracks, food has been stolen by them, but no one has reported seeing any as yet. Another surprise is just how steep some of the climbs have been.  Some required crawling up on your hands and knees.  Blow downs have also been a bit of a challenge.  As far as the trail in general, after all my reading, it's pretty much as I had hoped.

What do you eat?
Oatmeal in the morning w/raisins or whatever may be in the pack, trail mix or GORP and a candy bar for lunch and, on a good day, a Mountain House freeze dried dinner.  Occasionally someone will share a special meal if they make too much.  Only what you can carry is available on the trail unless someone is providing "Trail Magic" as happened with the Boy Scouts providing lunch at Trey Mountain Gap.

Of course when we get to town the fare gets much better.  Today in Franklin we had great Mexican food for lunch,  a steak dinner and tomorrow the local Baptist Church is picking us all up for a pancake breakfast and getting us back in time for a 9 AM shuttle back to the trail.  We shouldn't be too hungry for a day or two.

Took advantage in town today to pick up a few things, sort gear and restock my food supply from the box Jane mailed me.  (The chocolate chip cookies were a nice surprise and enjoyed by all).

Many hikers don't even carry a stove and eat cold food all the time.  A notable example is Milo who is a chef by profession who says he wants a break from cooking.

Spoke to Bobby Luning tonight who offered to pick me up near Gatlinburg for a day of good food, a beer and a soft bed.  Hope AT&T will give me a signal to call as I get near!

All is back on the trail tomorrow and keep updates to send when I get to my next connection point which may be Fontana Dam.

Peace, love, hope & joy
Trolley Stop

Some more photos from the past few days:

Camp Fire at Carter Gap Shelter - Buffalo Bobby on the left.

Tenting at Carter Gap

Meal Time at Carter Gap

At Muskrat Creek Shelter


  1. Hi Trolley Stop,
    I'm one of Beth's friends from Snoqualmie. Thank you for sharing your experiences - it's a joy to follow you. Best wishes on an enlightening and safe journey!
    Matt Wolenetz

  2. Hi, Rog....Excuse me...make that Trolley Stop! We look forward so much to your postings. It sounds as though you have really settled in and have the hang of things. Meals on the trail don't sound too exciting. Still hoping to meet you (maybe Harpers'Ferry) if we get enough warning of your pending arrival. Take care. Our prayers are with you. Love, Babs

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  4. Followers: as Trolley Stop nears the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, here's some info: the park straddles the ridgeline of the Great Smoky Mountains: which are part of the Blue Ridge Mountains: which are a division of the greater Appalachian Mountain chain. The AT hugs the border of TN and NC all the way through the park. The park was established on June 15, 1934 (when my dad Richard Gorey was 4 days old) and officially dedicated by FDR in 1940, encompasses 814 square miles, and is the most visited national park in the US. The highest elevation on the Appalachian Trail is in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, at Clingman's Dome (6,643 ft.).

  5. Hey, Trolley. Just wondering how, or if, you are made aware of pending bad weather? It looks as though your area is in for some terrific storms. What do you do if you hear of approaching storms..besides obviously trying to find shelter? BG