Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Journal Entry #21

Saturday, April 16 - Day 23 - Mile 186.7 - Derrick Knob Shelter

Another milestone- less than 2,000 miles to go.  Today we knocked off the 181.  Today was as tough 11.7 mile hike.  We hit a high elevation of 5,527' at Thunderhead just after crossing Rocky Top.

Last evening was wild.  The rain and wind were unbelievable.  It poured for 14 hours straight but the the sun came out for most of the day today.  Last night we had 24 people in a 14 person shelter.  Tonight it's snowing so there will more than a full house again.

Very tired tonight!  We'll plan tomorrow's hike distance in the morning.  We'd like to do 15 miles, but the way we felt today after only 11.5 it's doubtful.

Still hiking with Buffalo Bobby and Guardian.  Hopefully we'll be able to stay together through the Smokies
Thanks for the continuing notes from all. Can't wait to get to town and catch up.

 Trolley Stop

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