Saturday, April 9, 2011

Journal Entry #13

Friday, April 8th - Day 15 - Mile 103.9- Rock Gap Shelter

Beginning of 3rd week!  Another solid 12+ mile day. Also broke the 1st 100 miles on the trail.

Overcast and threatening rain, but except for light showers, the real rain held off until late today.

Had some challenging climbs (Albert Mountain)  and an altercation with a huge blown down tree, but was victorious on the second try.

Tomorrow morning a short hike to pick up a shuttle into Franklin and at least spend the night.

Much of the walk is through tunnels of beautiful green Rhododendron  scrubs.  Should be quite spectacular when they bloom.

My Father used to tell me "lift your feet" because I was so heavy footed.  That's turned out to be good advice since many roots have my name on them.  Some even say Trolley Stop...go figure.

Sun is peeking thru, so I'm going down to get water before it starts raining again.

Hope everyone's doing well,
Trolley Stop
The tree that almost won

Rock Gap Shelter

waiting for the shuttle to Franklin

On the Shuttle to Franklin

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