Saturday, April 9, 2011

Journal Entry #12

Thursday, April 7th - Day 14 - Mile 91.8 - Carter Gap Shelter

An absolutely beautiful day and a wonderful 12.5 mile hike (highest mile day so far)  No major issues with gear.

Once again we have an overflowing crowd at the shelter. Silver Eagle and Momma Dee made it late this afternoon. Just left the campfire to get the tent ready before dark.

Hiked a good deal with Buffalo Bobby this morning and shared stories.  He had both knees replaced in 2009 and is out here hiking the trail for the second time.

Had some interesting water crossings but no major dunks.

My tent is set up, water pumped and dinner eaten (hiker hunger is starting to set in),so it's off to bed for about 11 hours of rest and sleep.

Last night at Muskrat Creek Shelter we had over 30 hikers mostly in tents.  Also another roaring fire.
Should be in Franklin on Saturday for at least an overnight.

Trolley Stop

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