Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Journal Entry #15

Sunday, April 10 - Day 17 - Mile 117.9 - Location - Wayah Bald

Longest day so far - 13.9 miles

After breakfast at the Baptist Church in Franklin this morning we were taken back to Rock Gap on the AT to continue our hike.  Today may be my highest mile day.  Need to check the book in the morning. 

I hiked from 10:30AM to 7:00PM. It was starting to get dark so I was looking for a place to set up my tent when I met a Father (Chuck) and his two children (Destiny and Todd) who had set up a campsite nearby and invited me to join them.  Chuck also invited me to join them for dinner.  They had lots of food and this was there last day camping.  We cooked hot dogs and marshmallows over a campfire and enjoyed ice cold soda and an assortment of desserts.  This was trail magic at it's best!

Chuck and his Kids
I'm now in my tent ready for a good nights rest.  It seemed as though hiking today was all up hill. I've learned that the word "GAP" is short for "big hill ahead.  At one point today I had hiked up hill for about an hour only to find another gap with another major up hill climb.

Overall a great day
Trolley Stop


  1. God Bless Chuck, Destiny & Todd!

  2. Hi Dad, Tomorrow ends week 3!!! I love the trail magic that you are encountering! It's the way the world should be! Love you! Jill