Monday, April 4, 2011

Journal Entry #8

Going through my emails...I'm at mile 67 on the trail here in Hiawassee.  Including the Approach Trail, I've done about 76 miles.  I'm less than 10 miles from the North Carolina border.  Yea!  Tomorrow, April 5th I'm taking a "zero" day here in Hiawassee and getting my pack checked and a real trail haircut.  No point in even trying to comb your hair out here.

Today is day 11 and I'm feeling great, especially after a nice shower and all you can eat (AYCE) buffet lunch.  My clothes are clean for the first time in 10 days and I also shaved for the first time.  Feels great.

Roger (Trolley Stop)


  1. Hi Roger! I just spoke with Rita and she was so happy to know that you have a roof over your head tonight and that the day was sunny. Sounds like you have met the challenge of your first week! Congratulations! We are all fine here. I plan to do a little more walking than usual in your honor! Love, Eileen

  2. I too have been walking more than usual for this same reason! You are certainly an inspiration, especially for those of us who are walking in the rain.