Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Journal Entry #16

Monday, April 11th - Day 18 - mile 129.3 - Location - Wesser Bald Shelter.

This morning woke up to what seemed like a gale force wind.  Taking down the tent was a Keystone Cops routine. As soon as I pulled the last stake the tent took off like the house in the Wizard of Oz. All is good, it's now back in it's bag.

The family from last night left early, but took the time to leave me breakfast. That was great, but so far I haven't used any of my re-supply so no lighter load.

Good day today. Hiked 11.5 miles in beautiful sunny weather. That's supposed to change tonight to Thunderstorms.  Glad to be in a shelter.

See you tomorrow at the Nantahala Outdoor Center.  It's only about a 6 mile hike.  If they have a room I'll stay overnight.

Trolley Stop

Wasser Bald Shelter just before the big storm

Mountain views

Downed trees along the trail (April 12)

Burgers at the NOC mile 135 (April 12)


  1. I'm going to get a petition together to Mother Nature from the Gorey family to suspend all nasty weather on the Trail until you reach Maine. Who's with me?? We love you, Trolley Stop!

  2. Hi Dad! Scott was out your way this evening (but didn't know it at the time!). He passed the NOC on his way to do a talk in Cherokee. Hope to see you in Damascus for Trail Days! Love you! - Marylou