Thursday, September 1, 2011

Journal Entry # 156

Wednesday, August 31 - Day 160 -  Mile (since we're hiking south I'll update mileage once we are heading north again) - Wildcat Mountain Peak D

An almost 10 mile hike today.  Quite a big day for us  hiking in this difficult area.

We has a wonderful if windy night at Imp Shelter Tenting.

We left camp at 7:00 AM and climbed North, Middle & South Carter Mountains. Since we were hiking south we met some old friends such as Scribbles & Pebbles hiking north.  Everyone asked about Guardian
We did so much climbing before reaching the hut for lunch that my hiking buddies decided to miss the last peak and take a shortcut trail to the hut. Being the purest that I am I stayed on the AT and climbed to the top and down.  I was rewarded with spectacular views. (We had great views all day)  We had agreed to meet at the hut and I caught up with them in time to have lunch.

We had all had a full day by then, but we decided to try to get a few more miles in. The Hut Manager told us there were buildings we could stay at here at the ski resort.  Unfortunately, when we arrived there was no one here and all the buildings locked. So...we set up our tents on the ski lift platform for the night.

This turned out to be a great spot. We had a picnic table & trash can to use.   A rare luxury on the trail.
It's now nearing 8:00 PM and I'm likely the only one of us 3 still awake.  Time to get some sleep. Tomorrow is another big day.

Trolley Stop

Tenting on a Ski Platform

Another View

Buffalo Bobby & Brother of the Wind - a Mountain Top experience

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  1. Hey Trolley Stop,
    I continue to enjoy your writing from the trail. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences. I wish you the best time during the last couple hundred miles. Say hello to Bobby Buffalo.

    Happy Trails,

    P.S. J.P. and my daughter are engaged!