Monday, September 19, 2011

Journal entry #173

Saturday, September 17 - Day 177 - Mile 2012.3 - Long Falls Dam Road

Absolutely beautiful day in Maine. This had to be one of the best hikes of the trip. The trail was good, the views were amazing and we were finished and on our way back to town for dinner by 4:00 PM.

We had a wonderful dinner with appetizers, a couple of beers and fried cheese cake & ice cream with blueberry sauce for dessert. We then resupplied once more for the next few days and returned to the bunk house for our last night here.

Tonight the place is more than full and we have a lot to do to get ready to set out in the morning with out full packs again.

Quick summary of what's left to do in the last 170 miles or so:

Tomorrow we hope to get to a campground a few miles before the Kennebec River where we'll catch a canoe to cross on Monday morning.

Then it will be on to Munson before the end of the week, a ZERO and then start the "100 Mile Wilderness", do another days hike to Katahdin and finally the summit -hopefully on a Class 1 day. Sounds simple, right?

Still no firm date to finish.

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope,

Trolley Stop

Trolley Stop on top of Little Bigelow - Big Bigelow in the background

Trolley Stop on Little Bigelow Peak

Buffalo Bobby & Double Check on Little Bigelow Peak

Double Check explains the purpose of the 2" x 6" white marks on the trail

Emily's picture for Double Check

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