Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Journal entry #182

Monday, September 26 - Day 186 - Mile 2113.2 - East Branch Lean-to

Great campsite last night. We did have a very heavy dew so the tents were soaked but still a great rest.

We started climbing right away up West Peak, then Hay Mountain and finally White Cap Mountain. Only about a 1,200' elevation gain overall but lots of ups & downs. Once we were over White Cap there was a long down to the next shelter, which had many rock steps in place that Double Check thought may have been done years ago by the CCC.

We were then treated to some level walking and one of the most beautiful forest areas we've seen. It really had an enchanted feel to it. It was so nice we took a break just to enjoy it.

We hit the shelter we're at tonight early this afternoon. There's a ford right after this and some climbs with no camping mentioned for miles so Double Check suggested we call it a day.

It's been a great afternoon. Easy access to water, beautiful shelter and nice tenting areas. This gave us time to dry our stuff out, get something to eat and take a nap before dinner. It's now only 3:45 PM, everything is done and I'm ready for a nice afternoon rest. Only 3.3 more miles and we'll be halfway through the 100 Mile Wilderness. More important this first half, going north, is reported to be the toughest part. We'll see over the next few days.

More later.

6:30 - Dinners done. Fun speaking with all the young hikers still coming through. Most have chosen to do the ford tonight and camp somewhere on the other side of the river.

It was a beautiful evening but the sun is already down and night is falling.

Hoping for a nice day again tomorrow. We hope to be able to do 16 miles to Antlers Campsite. That will be a big day for us but the elevations look good. More news on that tomorrow.


Trolley Stop

Drying out

Double check in the 100 mile wood

Trolley stop in the 100 mile wood

Buffalo Bobby in the 100 mile wood

The enchanted forest

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