Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Journal Entry # 159

Saturday,  September 3 - Day 163 - Mile 1883.1 - Gorham, NH

Started out in the rain this morning from Lakes of the Clouds Hut but the rain stopped quickly and we needed to shed our rain gear but thick fog followed us for most of the day. I wish I had taken a picture of the capacity crowd at the Hut getting ready with all their gear to face the rain. It was quite a sight.

Once again we met many northbound hikers and an unusually large number of day hikers all enjoying the holiday weekend. I can't imagine how many more may have been out had the weather been nice.

We had lunch at the Mizpah Hut and a section hiker named Joe, who we had met earlier on the trail offered us a ride out of Crawford Notch part way toward Gorham. This was great since the road at Crawford Notch is still impassable going toward North Conway and there would be no traffic to allow us to hitch.  He took us to a point about halfway to Gorham and dropped us off in a better position to hitch. Almost immediately a couple from Quebec picked us up and drove us right to a hotel.   The hotel was full but they did have one last spot in an adjacent house which was actually an apartment that worked out great for the three of us. It even had a washer & dryer. So we were set.

We had dinner and resupplied. Brother of the Wind will be going home to attend a wedding and Buffalo Bobby and I will continue our trek toward Maine in the morning after taking care of some odds & ends.  It will be good to be heading north again.  (just under 300 miles to go).

The Whites and Presidentials are done!  We're not out of New Hampshire woods yet but I can say this was by far the toughest State to hike. Hope Maine doesn't top this.

Time once again to call it a day.

Love, peace, joy & hope,
Trolley Stop

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