Friday, September 16, 2011

Journal Entry # 170

Wednesday, September 14 - Day 174 - Mile 1985.9 - Crocker Cirque Campground.

Had probably one of the best nights sleep in my tent ever last night. I had a site on pine needles that was wonderful. Actually another hiker, Rain Gear, pointed me to it since he was staying in the shelter.
We had a good rain overnight so I woke to a wet tent but a beautiful morning. The weather called for rain today but it must have come in overnight. We had a great hiking day. We did a bit over 14 miles which as you know by now is great for Maine.

I spent a good part if the morning wishing I had a couple of Janel's breakfast sandwiches. Boy, were we spoiled!

The hike was, for the most part straightforward...up and down mountains and through mud bogs. We did have a long rock scramble down at the end of the day followed by a river to be forded. Double Check & Buffalo Bobby were able to rock hop but I took my boots off and forded. Really didn't want to get  my boots wet. We had an earlier ford today where we all rock hopped but only because Rain Gear got there before us and was able to point out the wobbly rock that caused him to go in. He was trying to dry his boots when we showed up.

This campsite tonight is excellent. Tent platforms and a fantastic water source only a few yards away.
Got a note from Brother of the Wind that he's back on the trail as of today. We'll check his blog to see how he's doing as he follows behind us.

Tomorrow we hit Stratton to resupply and spend the night.

Life is good!

Trolley Stop

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