Thursday, September 29, 2011

Journal Entry #184

Wednesday, September 28 - Day 188 - Mile 2135.0 - Logging Road - the White House Landing Wilderness Camps.

Wonderful, beautiful, spectacular morning on Jo-Mary lake. The sunrise on the lake was something to behold.

We set off on a short (7 mile) hike to this oasis in the wilderness to spend the day eating & relaxing as well as resupplying a bit. This place is terrific. Right on a big lake. When you get to a boat dock off the trail you blow a horn and the owner comes to get you in a boat and takes you and gear over to the compound.

We took a shower, hand washed our clothes, had a big hamburger for lunch and homemade pizza for dinner. This afternoon was sunny and warm so I spent an hour or so out in the sun resting by the lake.

Life is good!!!

Tomorrow, after breakfast, we start to tackle the last 46 miles. Rain may be coming in so that could slow us down a bit. We have just finished 4 perfect weather days so certainly can't complain.

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope,

Trolley Stop


  1. Wow.. just saw the brief news story. My prayers go to all family members and acquaintances. I remember fondly the same stretch from 3 years ago. A very beautiful section. Bless you all in this tough time. -"Medium Rare" AT GA-ME 2008

  2. My condolences to Rob's family. I know you'll miss him much. He seems to have been an amazing man, and I'm saddened for you loss, but it is good that his last memories are of doing something he loved so much.

  3. Just heard the news about Buffalo Bobby. His family and friends are in my thoughts. He has been a great companion to Trolley Stop, and I have enjoyed every post of their adventure together. I agree with above, doing what he loved.