Friday, September 9, 2011

Journal Entry # 162

Tuesday, September 6 - Day 166 - Mile 1909.6 - Speck Pond Shelter and Campsite.

We had pouring rain all night and into the morning, but a good nights sleep. About 9:00 AM the rain let up enough to allow us to start to hike.

Today we did Mahoosic Notch which is reported to be the toughest section of the entire trail. After the soaking last night it was likely even a bit harder  It took Buffalo Bobby, Double Check and me almost 4 hours to cover 1 (one) mile. This stretch was unbelievable.  Right after that we were treated to a 2,000' climb straight up.   For our 5.1 mile total hike today we averaged 1/2 hour a mile. Quite an introduction to Maine!

All the trails were waterfalls from last nights rain so needless to say our feet were soaked all day. It didn't rain during our hike and we even got a couple of stretches of sunshine. A section of the trail was a small lake and we had to bushwhack to find where the trail picked up.

So...another record tough day of hiking. Oh for the gentle hills of Virginia.

The good news is we made it safely to our campsite tonight and I picked out a great tent platform and once again all is right with the world.

Short mileage continues to wreck havoc with our finish date.

Love, Peace, Hope & Joy,
Trolley Stop

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