Friday, September 23, 2011

Journal entry #179

Friday, September 23 - Day 183 - Mile 2081.6 - no change - ZERO at Shaws on Monson, ME

Once again we shouldn't listen to the weather report. Today is beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky but we still took a ZERO to get reenergized.

Another wonderful breakfast of blueberry pancakes, eggs over easy, bacon, sausage, etc., etc.

Then a bit of cleaning & sorting gear, calling home and now I'm at the Monson Library. Not exactly what you would picture a library like but they have everything I need including an Internet connection. Looks like the SPOT is still working. I don't set it off generally if we're staying indoors somewhere but I see it shows our last few locations between Harrison's and Monson. When we stop tomorrow night in the 100 mile wilderness I'll set it off again.

It's been fun staying in Monson. Choices are easy since there's only one of, general store, gas station and antique shop. This town is truly on the edge of of the wilderness many miles from anywhere but a key milestone for thru hikers. As they say..."it's not the end of the Earth but you can see it from here".

I saw an update from Brother of the Wind. He went through the Mahoosic Notch in early Maine, had the same opinion of the experience that I did and decided to come to Monson and hike to Katahdin before the weather gets worse. He'll do the missed sections when he can. He left here Sept 18th so we only missed him by a couple of days. Many hikers are getting creative to finish portions of their hike. (Remember... access to Katahdin ends October 15th. Maybe earlier if the weather turns bad).

The L.E.G. had a good lunch out in the hostels yard and tonight we'll go to the bluegrass jam at the country store. It's interesting that bluegrass and country music, that I associate with the South, is so big up here. This is likely the big event of the weekend so I glad we're here to enjoy it.

9:00 PM

The jam session wad terrific. Like stepping back into the 50's. They did all the standards. Not really bluegrass but lots of fun. They had a fiddle, banjo, bass, 3 guitars, harmonica, spoons & good singers.

Now we're back doing final prep for the morning. After breakfast we'll be shuttled back to the point we started from yesterday. First thing we'll face is a good climb.

Once again it's beyond hiker midnight so it's off to sleep.


Trolley Stop

Bluegrass band


  1. With you every step, Trolley! These last ones are golden! We are so excited for you and sending lots of love...Deb & Ken xo!

  2. Trolley Stop,
    I have great memories of the hike from Monson to Katahdin, my son and I did it in 2009. White House Landing was a real treat!I hope to eventually section hike the 1000+ miles between there and my last time on the trail in Va. I have read every post looking forward to the day I may follow in your footsteps. I am sure you will enjoy this last part of the trail as much as any section. Thanks again for posting your adventures. Say hello to Buffalo Bobby.

  3. Uncle Roger,
    We have the butcher and the ice cream store on alert for the big finish..Steaks and Cherry Garcia all you can eat! Mom and I are so excited and can't wait for your big finish and a big hug! Can't imagine what we will do for the next six month without you to watch! Hope something good comes on the Hallmark Channel! Love you lots, stay safe! Loretta

  4. Love your post Loretta ! It has been so much fun following Dad on the trail. I can't wait to see him and hear all about it in person.