Saturday, September 17, 2011

Journal Entry #172

Friday, September 16 - Day 176 - Mile 2003.5 - Safford Brook Trail

Today begins my 25th week on the trail and we broke 2,000 miles.

Leisurely start to the day. Up at 5:45 and off to breakfast at 6:45 (Circuit Rider & Sherlock treated) then on to the trailhead for our slack pack. Today we began the Bigelows.

We hiked over South Horn and Bigellow West Peak and Avery Peak. It was very cold today with snow flurries this morning and ice on the mountain tops. The wind was very strong but the views were spectacular and plentiful. The best to date.

Passing the 2,000 mile mark was likely the highlight of the day. We all posed for photos and then moved on to stay warm.

Tonight we went to a barbecue place in Rangeley for diner with Circuit Rider, Sherlock, Sue (the hostel owner) and Sharon (A day hiker) Hopeful and two other hikers were there when we arrived. A very pleasant surprise.

Last night we had this great bunkhouse to ourselves but there's a crowd tonight so it will likely be a bit noisy later than our normal bedtimes.

Although the day was cold the sun came out and warmed us up a bit. I needed a warm pullover all day.

Tomorrow we slack again. Because the trail access is remote we have to hike 2.2 miles before we even get to the trail. We had to do that today as well so we'll have done 4.4 miles that don't count.

All and all today was a great day

Peace Love, & joy,

Trolley Stop


  1. Congrats on the 2000 mark Mr. Gorey! Can't wait to see you final postings as you reach the end of the trail. -Heather (Schaeffer) Buescher

  2. Yay you guys!! The 2,000 mile mark! You are in the home stretch now! Love you Dad!