Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Journal entry #174

Sunday, September 18 - Day 178 - Mile 2026.2 - Harrison's Pierce Pond Camps

Temperature in the 20's this morning. Frost on everything.

We're back under our own steam once again with full packs. After one last breakfast in Stratton we caught our shuttle back to the trailhead and we started our 170 mile "Victory March". One hiker called this section the trail of tears because so many are sad to see this adventure coming to an end. At this point we're trying to take it easy and enjoy this last piece but at the same time I'm ready to finish and get back to family & friends. Six months is a long time to be away. The trail has been very good to us. There may be a bit of adjustment as we reenter the real world, especially where food is concerned, but I'm ready.

Great hike today over muddy/bogs but relatively easy terrain for Maine. The weather is even nicer than yesterday, as the sun warmed us up, so another perfect hiking day. Almost 14 miles.

This camp is another Little Abner type place but the cabins are great. Mine is fronted by a river and is very comfortable. No electric or heat but it does have a wood stove that I'm sitting by now, to take the chill off, and a Coleman lantern.

Tomorrow morning we'll be served a 12 pancake breakfast with eggs done to order, bacon, juice and coffee. That should power us for at least the morning.

I'll let you know how our canoe trip over the Kennebec goes on my next update.

It's very cold outside and starting to get dark so I think I'll get to bed.


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