Friday, September 9, 2011

Journal Entry # 163

Wednesday, September 7 - Day 167 - Mile 1914.2 - Grafton Notch.

Very rainy day today.  Since I tented last night I had a wet time packing up this morning. The hike took off about a half hour earlier then we agreed to but Buffalo Bobby and Double Check waited while I finished packing up.  I was enjoying an extra hour & a half of rest when another couple we hiked with today passed by early and called to me in my tent to let me know that the train was moving. I hate it when I don't get the memo.

We hiked less than 5 more miles and were able to take cover at a hostel in Andover.  The hike was easy today compared to the last few days. Mostly downhill without too many challenging rock scrambles.

Most of the rest of the day was spent eating at a local diner and dealing with wash and wet gear.  I think I'm full for the moment and may skip breakfast before the slack pack.

Tonight the bunk room is full. Tomorrow we will slack pack. Then we'll hit a section the next day which is reported to be impassable due to flooding.  This is the last piece before Nick & Janel pick us up. May have to skip that piece if it's closed.  News on that when we get past tomorrow.

Double Check and I  each knocked off a pint of ice cream, watched a few minutes of TV and we're all ready for some sleep.

Chipping away at Maine.

Trolley Stop

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