Friday, September 30, 2011

Farewell Buffalo Bobby

It is with a heavy heart that I share this news with all who read my dad's blog. My father's hiking partner for the last 5 months, Buffalo Bobby, died of a massive stroke on the trail yesterday. He died doing what he loves, and we will miss him so much. Our prayers go out to his family and friends as they grieve his loss.

Link to News Story

Buffalo Bobby (Rob Yerike) and Trolley Stop (Roger Gorey) entering Maine


  1. Good bye buffalo Bobby we will miss you! 

  2. Fate and circumstance afforded me the great pleasure and unique privilege of hiking the AT for 4 months in 2011 with Buffalo Bobby and Trolley Stop; two of the finest, Christian gentlemen I have ever had the good fortune to call "friends". My heart was broken to learn of Bobby's passing. These three things I will forever remember about Buffalo Bobby.

    (1) I never heard Bobby utter a disparaging word about another human being. He seemed to love everyone he met, he truly was a gentleman - something I will strive to emulate.

    (2) During his hike in 2011 he listened on his ipod to an audio version of The New Testament at least 3 times. His belief in God was as firm and large as Mt Katahdin. He walked-the-walk; something else I will strive to emulate.

    (3) When I grew weary of hiking and talked of quitting, Bobby's favorite motivational soliloquy was; "All men die; not all men live." Robert Yerike lived more during 3 thru-hikes than most people in a lifetime! He more than loved every minute of hiking - he relished the physical and mental challenge. With his "bionic" knees Bobby virtually sprinted up hills and mountains. On Mt Everett, MA, he napped 30 minutes at the peak while waiting for us to catch-up! He was a hiking machine. Just as he was inspired by others, my cherished memories of Buffalo Bobby will inspire me to one day complete a thru-hike.

    I loved Buffalo Bobby. I also know he will not be resting in peace; he will be up every morning at 5 a.m. hiking the greatest trail and climbing the greatest mountains. May God bless you Bobby.


  3. What a great story to read. I wish I had the privilege of meeting both of you. Bobby's with my mom in heaven. I hope they get to meet.

  4. He has left his foot prints in the hearts of others as well on the trail. I'am sorry to hear of your loss. I'am following some hikers blogs and heard the news. They have met him and said wonderful things about him.