Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Journal entry #181

Sunday, September 25 - Day 185 - Mile 2104.2 - Sidney Tappan Campsite

Today begins my 7th month on the trail and the last full week of hiking before finishing.

Despite a crowded shelter last night, once I was in my sleeping bag, I went right to sleep and was very comfortable. Packing this morning was a challenge with all the wet stuff all over and, of course, putting on wet clothes, socks & boots is always a bit difficult. Thankfully it wasn't cold.

Our hike started with a steep down right out of the shelter area and through bogs with broken or sunken bog boards. My already wet boots and socks were completely soaked within 5 minutes of starting. This was followed by an unbelievable steep downward rock scramble. Thankfully Buffalo Bobby found his way through because the way was not marked. Then we traveled over the usual rock, root and bog filled trail until our one ford of the day at the West Branch Pleasant River. This was a pretty wide river crossing and definitely a boots off ford.

Then, miraculously, the trail turned decent for the next five miles or so. After one more slip and a boot soaking in a stream just before Carl A. Newhall Lean-to we took a break. Two miles later we were at this campsite, which after last nights shelter, seems like paradise.

We all cooked together and are all in our tents for the night at 6:15. Other hikers will likely come in but were done.

Thoughts now turn to this last week or so. Only a few more nights to sleep in our tents and days if hiking. It's hard to believe that we've been out here 6 months and hiked over 2,000 miles. I've never been to Maine before but now I've walked over 200 miles into the interior.

Lots of fun fun things to think about as I fall asleep.

Love, peace, joy & Hope,

Trolley Stop

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