Friday, September 23, 2011

Journal Entry # 177

Wednesday, September 21 - Day 181 - Mile 2066.5 - Monson, ME

Wonderful long sleep/rest in camp last night. Up early in cold weather.  Needed both mittens & gloves to get going.

We only had 9 miles to do into Monson so it went quick and we were at the road to hitch at about noon. Only a few minutes after we arrived a fellow, Ed, dropped a couple of folks off and offered to take us into town right to the hostel, Shaws,  we're staying at.

Shaws is a great place to stay. We'll get breakfast in the morning and may slack pack the first 15 miles of the 100 mile wilderness. It'll be a long day with a mile added to get to the trail and 4 fords but worth a try.
News tomorrow!

Tonight we went to a local place for dinner that was a combination laundry & pub.  Doesn't sound too inviting but it actually was good. We all had pot roast dinners that were huge and delicious. We couldn't even do dessert.

Unfortunately phone service remains inconsistent, going from good to none at will, so it's still hard to communicate with the outside world.

Trolley Stop

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  1. Pot Roast made me think of Grandma, Trolley. I'm sure G&Gs' spirits are with you as you reach your goal! -Deb.