Friday, September 9, 2011

Journal Entry # 160

Sunday  September 4- Day 164 -  Mile 1894.9 - Gentian Pond Shelter/Campsite

Up and packed by 7:00. Brother of the Wind headed for his bus and Buffalo Bobby and me hitched to the trailhead.  Traffic was light because it was a Sunday but we did get a ride pretty quickly.  We stopped at the White Mountain House Hostel, where Bobby had a package, for a bit and I called Nick & Jenel and made tentative plans for a visit and maybe a slack pack early into Maine.  As soon as we get closer we'll firm up timing. Today we got pretty muddy so we're already looking forward to that visit.

There was a good climb out of Gorham and the trail was pretty wet.  We had good weather most of the day but a thunderstorm rolled in about 3:00 PM and soaked us. Then the trail was very, very wet. No way to keep our feet dry. The rain also made for slick rocks and mud. By the time I got to the shelter my legs were covered with mud. Fortunately there was a pond right out front to clean up a bit.

This was a tough day. Perhaps the effort we put in doing the Whites and Presidentials has caught up with me. I feel great but am ready for some gentler hiking and certainly didn't get it today. May not get much in Maine from the trail profiles I've seen.

Well the immediate good news is I'm nice and dry and warm in my sleeping bag ready for a good nights sleep.  Buffalo Bobby has set up his tent and I chose a spot in the shelter.  Double Check is right next to me here tonight and will likely hike with us tomorrow.

Big day tomorrow:  We leave New Hampshire and enter Maine mid morning.  The last of 14 States!

Peace, Love, Joy & Hope,
Trolley Stop

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