Friday, September 9, 2011

Journal Entry # 161

Monday, September 5 - Day 165 - Mile 1904.5 - Full Goose Shelter and Campsite.

Good night sleep in the shelter.  Woke to rain so the hike started out very wet. The day did improve a bit but rain came back toward the end of our hike and now it's pouring with high winds and the shelter filling up. The temperature is supposed to go into the 40's so it's going to be a cold wet windy night.  Good to be dry and in my sleeping bag.  I don't know why people would  hike until dark and then have to set up and cook.
Double Check joined us for most of our hike today and likely will continue with us to the finish. A new member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

We entered Maine at about 11:00AM, took some photos and took our first steps into Maine. Shortly after that we broke the 1,900 mile point.

I'd have to say today's hike was the toughest to date and it was under 10 miles.  This seems to be a recurring theme lately. I'm beginning to believe that adage about 60% of the effort comes after 60% of the hike north is done.  (We're now about 87% done).  The rain, wet rocks, mud and a trail that was full of water and sunken bog boards  likely added to the difficulty today.

Here's hoping for a nicer day tomorrow. I know the trail won't be much better but a bit of sunshine would be nice.

It's great to be in Maine!

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope,
Trolley Stop

Double Check hits Maine

Buffalo Bobby and Trolley Stop  at the Maine border

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