Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Journal Entry # 158

Friday,  September 2 - Day 162 -  Mile (since we're hiking south I'll update mileage once we are heading north again) - Lakes of the Clouds Hut

Great breakfast at Madison Hut. The Hut is brand new and the nicest by far. We even has lights in the sleeping areas and restrooms.

Set out about 8:00 for Mount Washington.  This has likely been the single most anticipated goal of the hike so far for me.  Mt. Washington has a reputation for having some of the highest winds and threatening weather of anywhere in the States. The forecast was for thunderstorms (as usual) but the day turned out perfect. The views all the way up were unobstructed and breathtaking.

The hike was 6 miles from the Madison Hut to the top of Mt. Washington. At a rate of 1 mile an hour, over a moonscape like rock field, we arrived about 2:00 PM.

To add to the enjoyment of the day we met Hopeful, Raypan & Swamp Dog of Team Indecision fame and many other hikers we know. We also met many who were hiking North on the trail.

We're now at the Lakes of the Clouds Hut on a spectacular sunny afternoon with again beautiful views. (This hut is visible from the top of Mt. Washington).

Today is certainly a milestone on my hike.

Tomorrow our plan is to hike down to Crawford Notch and catch a ride back to Gorham, spend the night and hike north again on Sunday or perhaps take a day off and start north on Monday.  Unfortunately Brother of the Wind has to get off the trail at Crawford Notch to attend a wedding at the Biltmore. He'll be back hiking by mid September, but we'll miss hiking with him. Thanks Brother of the Wind!

Great dinner tonight with the promise of a great starlight night up here but I'll be asleep before dark.

Live to all,
Trolley Stop
Buffalo Bobby and Brother of the Wind on the way up Mt. Washington

Hopeful and Raypan

Lake of the Clouds Hut

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