Friday, September 16, 2011

Journal Entry # 171

Thursday, September 15 - Day 175 - Mile 1993.2 - Stratton, ME

Good night camping and off early this morning for an overnight stay in Stratton. Right out of the camp site we started a dramatic up for a couple of hours. Rain then set in and we walked in on & off light rain for the rest of our short hike. By 12:15 we were out of the woods waiting for our shuttle to a hostel.  First stop was a diner for a late breakfast / lunch.  Really good food.  We then resupplied and got a shuttle to the bunk house.

The bunk house is one of the nicest on the trail so far. It's a nicely renovated barn with great facilities.  It's raining pretty hard now and cold so once again our timing is impeccable getting out of the woods. Can our good fortune hold out for a couple more weeks ?  Sure!  Keep those prayers coming.

We're watching the weather and the forecast is good, after tonight, until Wednesday.

Emily sent some very cute doctored photos of Guardian, Buffalo Bobby and me. I'll send them to Beth and see if she can work with them to put on the blog.

Tonight we hope to have dinner with Circuit Rider and Sherlock. I think they're slack packing today.  News on that later.

7:30 - Sue, the owner of this hostel, is cooking dinner for us all tonight and we've arranged two days of slack packing with her for tomorrow & Saturday.  So...the magic continues.  We'll be able to spend three nights here out of the woods.

10:21 - Way past hiker midnight but a great diner, fun conversation and homemade blueberry pie. Double Check & I helped Circuit Rider with set up and doing the dishes and we all readied our gear for tomorrow's slack pack.

Forecasted good weather, slack pack and another night in this terrific hostel.  Can it get any better on the trail?

Tomorrow we'll break the 2,000 mile mark.

Starting to anticipate our first  glimpse of Katahdin later thus month.

Thanks to all who have stayed with us through this journey.

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope,
Trolley Stop

Guardian as see by Emily

Trolley Stop as seen by Emily

Buffalo Bobby as seen by Emily


  1. Love Emily's pictures and hope I get to meet the Basers someday: I want all Janel's recipes, lol. Between them and the renovated barn bunkhouse, it's been a 5-star week for you guys! It must be great hiking weather. Keep your eye on the prize and may the force be with you in the home stretch, Gentlemen! Love Deb & Ken.

  2. Emily, you really captured the playful spirit of this amazing adventure. Your pictures and the news of continued trail magic have me smiling from ear to ear. Best of luck to our long-distance hikers.

  3. LOVED the photos! Captured Buffalo perfectly! Happy you have a warm place to stay for a couple of night because it's going to get COLD! But the days will warm up! Also happy you had a good stay with Nick and Janel. Thanks for playing grandpa to the kiddos. I loved seeing you holding Cody!

    Praying for good weather through Katadin.