Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Journal Entry #175

Monday, September 19 - Day 179 - Mile 2041.7 - Moxie Pond
The cabin at Harrison's was great. That's likely as close to living like a north woodsman as I'm going to get.
The breakfast was awesome. 12 pancakes with strawberries, apples and blueberries baked in topped with powdered sugar & maple syrup along with link sausages, eggs to order, juice & coffee. There was nothing left as we set out for our hike.
The day started out very cold. I wore my fleece and down jacket as we started our hike. After about a half hour I took off the down jacket but still needed the fleece. By the time we arrived at the point to cross the Kennebec River the fleece came off and the day wad glorious. Not a cloud in the sky and the river was calm.
Six of us arrived at the same time to catch Hillbilly Dave and his red canoe. He could take us two at a time with our gear and Buffalo Bobby and me were last with me paddling and Hillbilly Dave steering.
This 100 yards or so of river will be the only section of the trail that we won't have walked. The river was 8' deep in places so there was no way to ford even if we wanted to.
The hike was wonderful today mostly because of the beautiful weather. We still had lots of mud/bogs to slog through and a pretty steep 1,000' climb but overall a great hike.
We did just over 15 miles...a good day...and had to ford a river just before finding a campsite. (The water was cold but likely a bit less so than it would be in the morning. We do have two river crossings to ford tomorrow.
Our tent sites are scattered and very tight. We're just stealth camping near the trail.
Just under 140 miles to go! Today, September 19th, had been our target finishing goal based on average mileage done before hurricane Irene and the rough terrain of New Hampshire and Maine shattered that target. Hopefully we're now less than two weeks away if all continues to go well,
Peace, joy, love & happiness,
Trolley Stop

Breakfast at Harrison's

Trolley Stop and Double Check wait to cross the Kennebec River

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