Monday, September 12, 2011

Journal Entry # 165

Friday, September 9 - Day 169 - Mile 1934.6 - South Arm Road - Andover, Me

Arrived at the trail just before 7:00 AM and began our hike on a chilly overcast morning. The weather forecast was for a sunny day but it was afternoon before the day turned nice.

The first 7 miles of the hike moved along pretty well even though we were splashing through mud all the way.  Then we hit our first ford, which was easy, followed by a steep 1,500' climb, a steep decent and another ford that had been reported to be waist high earlier in the week. When we arrived it was only knee deep and refreshing.

Right on the other side of the ford was South Arm Road and Nick was waiting to take us back to his home for a few days. We had a beautiful ride through the Maine countryside and learned a bit about Nick's new position and forestry.

When we arrived we were greeted immediately by Adelaide, Silas & Cody. Janel was very busy preparing dinner.

We unpacked, spread our stuff out on the lawn to dry, took showers and relaxed on the porch before dinner.

Dinner was an extravaganza of beef stroganoff with all the trimmings followed by a wonderful homemade dessert.

After dinner Janel put out an enormous assortment of snacks for us to take on our slack pack tomorrow including homemade bread.

I really enjoyed spending some time with the kids.  I had a chance to walk around the block with all three and get introduced to all the shortcuts through neighboring back yards to arrive back home. Adelaide & Silas then accompanied Double Check and me to give us directions to their local store.

Nick is taking us back to the trailhead early in the morning and we'll be doing about a 13 mile hike, which may not sound like much but based on our experience with Maine to date this is pretty ambitious.
Thanks Nick & Janel.  Great to be here and have this opportunity. We appreciate this help so much especially at this stage of our hike. The end is almost in sight but a bit of tough terrain is between here & there.

Also waiting here are new boots which I sorely need. This is my fourth pair which should comfortably take me to Katahdin.

From a warm, dry & comfortable bed I bid you all goodnight.

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