Friday, September 23, 2011

Journal Entry # 178

Thursday, September 22 - Day 182 - Mile 2081.6 - Long Pond Stream Lean-to

Foggy morning. Hopefully this will burn off quickly. After today's hike we'll be just under 100 miles remaining.

It's early and we're packed just waiting for breakfast. The way breakfast works is that it's an all you can eat, but they ask you specify 1,2 or 3 portions initially so food doesn't get wasted.

After breakfast we'll head north to a 1 mile trail access about 15 trail miles from here and hike south back to Monson.

More news later.

Breakfast was fabulous. French Toast, eggs to order, home fries, bacon, sausage, juice & coffee.

We then headed out for our slack pack of the first 15 miles of the "100 Mile Wilderness".

I had a great day with Double Check. Buffalo Bobby decided to do an alternate hike and meet up with us at the end of the day. The day was foggy with light rain or threatening rain all day. As we finished our hike the weather really turned miserable with cold and rain into this evening.

We had several river crossings today but only two that required we take our boots off and ford. We both made the crossings with no problems.

I did manage to slip and land in a mud bog today.   No damage done but I was covered with mud. I was very happy to be coming back to the hostel where I could take a shower and clean my clothes & gear. With all the mud bogs we've slogged through since entering Vermont, this was bound to happen.

We've heard that the first half of the 100 Mile Wilderness was rough with lots of rocks, roots, bogs, ups, downs and generally tough hiking. The first 15 miles have lived up to the reputation.  We arrived back at the hostel tired, dirty, hungry and ready to take a break but happy to have done the hike.

Buffalo Bobby took care of the wash and we set out for dinner. Another great dinner and once again met Hopper and Bismarck, who were staying at the laundry/pub hostel, along with a host of others we know.
Today I met Peru, a lovely girl I last saw at the Captain's Hiker Feast. Her claim to fame is that she's hiked the whole trail in a dress.  I also saw PC, a girl I've seen on and off since the first week of the hike  Double Check also met some old friends this morning.  This is one of the advantages of hiking south   I do believe this will be (really) our last slack pack.  Not many days left.

Tomorrow we're going to likely take a zero. The weather is predicted to be bad and we don't need to be in the woods in the rain if we can help it. Should the weather change we may take another look at hiking but likely not.

If we're in town tomorrow night there's a bluegrass jam at the local general store that we all will go to. Should be fun.

Saturday we should be back on track to finish.  Final date is still uncertain but looks like very early October depending on weather conditions at Katahdin.

Well the pint of Ben & Jerry's is finished so it must be time to turn in.

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope,
Trolley Stop

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  1. Peru: now there's a modern-day Annie Oakley, and what a great story to pass down to her descendents, that she hiked the AT in a dress! Pretty cool!