Saturday, July 9, 2011

Journal Entry #100

Wednesday, July 6 - Day 104 - Mile 1200.4 - Eagles Nest Shelter

The pizza we ordered last night was very good.  The shelter was very near a highway so all I had to do was hike 1/10th of a mile to a shoulder and wait for the delivery. He was right on time and the pizza still hot.  There was plenty to feed 4 of us with a piece left over for a hiker who came in later.  (Boy, with all this food and talk of food you'd think that food is a priority!). We seem to be holding our own with slowing down the weight loss so we must be doing something right.

We had another good hike today with no shortage of PA rocks which slow us down a bit. The trail guide does say PA has a wee bit of rocks, which has to be the biggest understatement in the guide.

We have another trip to town tomorrow for clean up and resupply. We also hope to meet friends of Buffalo Bobby for an overnight this weekend. We're going to get spoiled if this keeps up.

The weather, although a bit hot and humid, has been very cooperative.  This evening has been beautiful.  Once again we're at a great tenting area, near water and away from the shelter.  For a brief moment today I thought I had left my tent poles back at the 501 Shelter.  I didn't, but knew for a moment how it must feel to be homeless.  I had just packed them behind my air mattress, which I've never done. I really love my tent and the thoughts of  having to use the shelter tonight was not appealing.

Guardian says it's his night for the fan.  Since the electrical service in my tent is not to dependable I'll let him have it. I really prefer A/C anyway. At least we're assured of cooling off as soon as the sun goes down. We understand temperatures remain high at home.

So...all continues to go well out here in the wilderness. What a great adventure.
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