Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Journal Entry # 115

Thursday, July 21 - Day 119 - Mile 1390.0 - No change - ZERO at MaryEllen's

Actually got to sleep in this morning!  Very comfortable nights sleep and leisurely morning filled with good food. Lots of coffee, juice, sausage, bacon, eggs, pastries, rolls, fruit and French toast.

Rita & Loretta never stopped plying us with food.  I didn't think I was that hungry, but every time we sat down I appeared to be.

Right after breakfast Loretta took us on our resupply trip to Wal-Mart and REI. (Quite an adventure). After being in the woods so long a trip around a busy area like this is a bit intimidating.

Then it was back for lunch, time to make phone calls and rest before dinner.

We had a wonderful dinner taken care of by my little Sister Eileen who couldn't be here because of being away in Maine.  A wonderful ending to a great, much needed, ZERO (by me especially) day. Thanks Eileen.
Thanks also to MaryEllen who turned her home over to us even though she was in Paris. Another impressive stop in our search for the perfect hostel.

I enjoyed every minute of this opportunity to catch up with family.

Now it time to get some sleep and get ready for tomorrow's hike. With very hot and humid weather we will go slow and be sure to stay hydrated as we wend out way to our next opportunity to spend some time off the trail with family in a few days.

A really great day!
Trolley Stop

Rita and Trolley Stop

Guardian, Rita, Buffalo Bobby, and Loretta

Rita, Trolley stop, and Loretta

Dinner at the Tap House

Tom, Rich, Ozan, and Rita at the Tap House

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