Sunday, July 31, 2011

Journal Entry #123

Friday, July 29 - Day 127 - Mile 1505.2 - The Hemlocks Shelter (Camping at Guilder Pond Picnic Area)

Today begins my week 18. (I think I'm committed...or maybe should be) We also crossed over into Massachusetts and passed the 1,500 mile mark!

Tonight we're camping on the trail just before the shelter. A trail angel, Dottie, left coolers of ice water for hikers. When she saw we were going to camp here she went home and brought back a cooler filled with Gateraid and a bag for our trash. Two southbound hikers decided to stop here too given the perfect camping conditions. (We did find out no camping is allowed in this particular spot but Dottie assured us the inspectors wouldn't be around tonight. She couldn't give us any guarantee on the bears though.

Rocky & Laugh Track showed up tonight too. Haven't seen them since before  Duncannon.
Lots if elevation gain today.  We had three steep climbs the toughest of which was just after we entered MA - Mount Everett.  We also climbed Lions Head and Bear Mountain earlier which is the highest point in CT.  CT saved some of the best rocks for last.

We spent the day soaked from the humidity. Tomorrow we may try to stop in Great Barrington for a clean up.

Looks like we'll have some rain tonight. It's always nice to listen to it hit the tent, but then we do have wet tents to pack in the morning. Can't have it all.

Great day all around. Looking forward to a week in MA.

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  1. I can imagine you can squeeze the water out of your tent on a dry morning, but what happens when you have to pack your wet tent on a morning when it's pouring rain? I have to ask these questions, Trolley, because I suspect your journey isn't all Trail Magic and a rock scramble here and there :)