Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Journal Entry # 111

Sunday, July 17 - Day 115 - Mile 1348.6 - Vernon, NJ - St Thomas Hiker Hostel (Episcopalian)

Up very early today and out before 6:00 AM. Buffalo Bobby discovered a small place a couple of miles up the trail that served breakfast. Guardian preferred to hike on as he doesn't care to have a large breakfast so he was about an hour ahead of us most of the day.

The breakfast was perfect...egg, cheese & sausage on a Keizer roll, lots of good coffee, apple juice, boston cream donut and a small ice cream (just in case this was my last chance today) and some snacks for later.
During our hike we met our first southbound thru hiker, Newt, who started in May. I asked about the bugs, starting in Maine so early, and she showed us her legs and arms which were covered with healing bites. It was pretty exciting meeting our first southbound thru hiker.  Wish I had taken a photo.

We experienced a nice long walk, about a mile, on a boardwalk through the bogs. Quite a construction project.

The hike, of course, included lots of rocks, steep climbs and open fields with lots of sun. As we walked we crossed numerous stone walls that must have been built by farmers many many years ago to clear the land.  Of course they're now in dense woods. The labor to build these had to be incredible.

As Buffalo Bobby and me came out at the trailhead, where we would need to hitch to the hostel, there was Guardian waiting for us with John a true trail angel.

John had offered Guardian a ride to the hostel. Buffalo Bobby, never one to be shy, asked John if he would take us for ice cream first.  I was then able to get my second ice cream of the day!  A rare event.  Thanks John for being so patient.

At the Farmers Market, where we bought ice cream, we met several of our fellow hikers:  Scribbles, Milo, El Flaco, Buttons and others.

The hostel is great. Nice shower, cold drinks, etc. All we needed to recharge.

Dinner is done and we're winding up another great day on this Appalachian Trail adventure with visions of entering New York tomorrow.

The rumor is that we have a steep climb out of town in the morning which means we'll be drenched in sweat after 15 minutes, but it's nice to be clean even if it's only overnight. Hopefully we're only a few days away from our next stop to resupply.

Time for lights out.
Peace, Love, Joy  & Hope,
Trolley Stop

St Thomas HIker Hostel - interesting fact, I (Beth) was actually in St Thomas (USVI) when dad got to this hostel :)

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