Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Journal Entry # 108

Thursday, July 14 - Day 112 - Mile 1301.8 - campsite

Looks like our current good weather will last a bit longer. Today was cooler with lower humidity. Perfect for hiking.

Buffalo Bobby headed off to breakfast this morning but I couldn't eat any more after the day & 1/2 in town. I'm sure I'll be hungry by our first pack break.

Today Hobo once will join us for the hike out of the Delaware Water Gap. We hadn't seen him since Harpers Ferry where he left us in the dust and got 3 or 4 days ahead. His ankle is bothering him so he took some time off. He's not to sure about today but just can't sit around any longer.

We had a big crowd at the hostel last night and tonight there's a big hiker feast put on by the parishioners which we'll miss.

Just found out Hobo can't hike and is going home to find out what's wrong with his foot. He thinks he may have a broken bone. Sorry to hear this. Hopefully he'll be back. There were a lot of hikers laid up with foot problems at the hostel.

Our hike today was fun. Lots more rocks, but beautiful views of the NJ countryside. We stopped at the Mohican Outdoor Center for lunch and were treated to a sighting of a very angry rattle snake. Shortly after leaving there Buffalo Bobby and I finally caught a glimpse of a bear as he sprinted out of sight in front of us.
Tonight we have a great tent site on top of a mountain with a fabulous view.

It's 6:30 PM and actually getting a bit chilly. The proverbial cold day in July!

We're planning our days to hopefully make it to Bear Mountain by a week from today so we can take an opportunity to resupply and stuff with some of the New York clan that may be home.

Great to be in New Jersey!  Even with more rocks. We also broke 1,300 miles today.
Love, Peace, Joy & Hope,
Trolley Stop

Mohican Outdoor Center

A Rattle Snake came to visit at the Mohican Center

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