Sunday, July 10, 2011

Journal Entry # 102

Friday, July 8 - Day 106 - Mile 1224.2 - Hawk Mountain Road - Eckville Shelter

Beginning of week 15.

A nice breakfast at the hotel and a bit of a struggle getting back to the trailhead due to lack of shuttle service. Finally got a taxi and we were on our way and started hiking at 9:10, which is quite late for us.

The climb out of Port Clinton was a pretty good one and then it continued up over rock scrambles to Pulpit Rock. We met Circuit Rider and Sherlock on this stretch and enjoyed a few minutes with them when we all took a break at Pulpit Rock. The view here was terrific even though the weather was somewhat overcast. Thunderstorms were predicted all day.

We then continued on over more rocks for about an hour and suddenly the trail turned into a beautiful level and wide path for at least 3 miles. A very pleasant surprise. During this stretch it finally started to rain, but a gentle rain that cooled us down and drove the bugs away. Finally the trail went back into the woods and continued it's ups and downs over rocks & roots until we came out on the road to the shelter. The rain got a bit heavier and we arrived at the shelter pretty wet.

The shelter is just a shed with bunks for 6 hikers. We're full now with wet stuff hanging all over. We've all had a cold shower (solar shower  but there's no sun),  something to eat and now there's not much else to do but read and rest. Looks like rain for the rest of the afternoon, so no dry clothes in the morning.  Not unusual.

The weekend promises to be sunny, so no complaints.   It's all good.

Trolley Stop

Circuit Rider & Buffalo Bobby at Pulpit Rock

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