Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Journal Entry # 113

Tuesday, July 19 - Day 117 - Mile 1381.1 - Arden Valley Road - Harriman Park.

Thunderstorms last night so we woke up to wet tents and high humidly. The combination of endless climbs, rock climbs, steep downgrades and the high humidity all added up to likely the toughest day physically on the trail so far.

We went through the "Lemon Squeezer" today. Guardian & Buffalo Bobby both made it through with their packs on. I had to take mine off and carry it through. (Must still have too much stuff).

Water was a real challenge today. Even though we had two occasions of water trail magic I still ran out right near the end of our hike. Guardian, ever vigilant, discovered there was a lake only 1.4 miles form our shelter destination today that had showers, sodas, etc., so that's where we went. Guardian even swam in the lake.
After a nice break there, we hiked about another 1/2 hour to the campsite we're in tonight...right on the trail. Scribbles joined us tonight.

I was able to call my Niece, Loretta, and confirm our pick up tomorrow to resupply and take a ZERO to get some rest. I'm also going to have a chance to visit with my big Sister, Rita, who still can't understand why anyone, much less me, would want to hike for 2,181 miles. Guess you have to be here.

We'll I'm about as spent as I've ever been on this adventure so sleep is in order.

Love, Peace, Joy & Hope,
Trolley Stop

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