Sunday, July 31, 2011

Journal Entry #124

Saturday, July 30 - Day 128 - Mile 1513.2 - Great Barrington - NERO.

We did get some heavy rain last night so woke to wet tents and slippery rocks this morning.
The 8 mile hike to Great Barrington was quite the challenge.  Despite reports of a pine needle pristine path into town, as reported by two delusional south bounders last evening, we instead had some more rock climbs and descents that rivaled anything we've seen so far. (Don't believe anything a hiker tells you).

Virtually every piece of clothing was so dirty I saw no point in stopping. A couple of more days wouldn't have seen us any worse for wear, but I was out voted two to one to stop since our food supplies were also pretty low.   (Now I'm very glad we did. We'll be clean and neat, which feels so good,  at least until 20 minutes into our hike tomorrow).

We arrived at the road into town just before noon and snagged a hitch first crack out of the barrel. Our trail angel drove us to a Days Inn where they were asking $200 for a room that anywhere in the south would be 39.95.   Not only that but they could not provide a cot so one of us would have to sleep on the floor.  After our trail angel drove us all over town looking for a better deal we wound up back at the Days Inn.

Everything worked out great. As it turned out everything we needed was within walking distance.  We were able to dry all our wet stuff on a back lawn, get to a laundry, have a great lunch, get food supplies, a good dinner and finally ice cream to end the day.

Great Barrington is a boutique town very much like Harpers Ferry. There's and "outfitter" store in town where I hoped to find some resupply stuff.  Guardian correctly predicted it might be a good place to go for a Coach handbag if we needed one.  Undeterred  Buffalo Bobby and me went in.  Sure enough when I asked where the camping equipment was we got a blank stare.  It's Likely good we didn't get arrested as vagrants.

We've arranged for a taxi to take us back to the trail in the morning after breakfast.  So all has ended well.

Time to sleep!
Trolley Stop

We met up with our friends Ricky and Laugh Track join us in Great Barrington

The L.E.G. in Great Barrington

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  1. So all I have to say about those two southbound hikers is don't look at the light, Carol Ann....

    ...and the desk clerk at the Days Inn is the delusional one: he thinks he works at a Hilton.