Sunday, July 31, 2011

journal entry # 120

Tuesday, July 26 - Day 124 - Mile 1458.4 - Kent CT  (2nd slake pack provided by Terri & Jon)

Bulletin...Jon & Terri didn't throw us out on the trail with our full packs this morning. Instead they gave us another day of slake packing.  Jon drove us to Kent, CT so we could slake pack back to the Appalachian Trail railroad station. So our two day total slake pack was over 33 miles.  We didn't get word from Jon that he wanted to do this until after I sent the blog update out last night.

The morning started with Terri preparing breakfast for us which included pancakes & eggs as well as several kinds of juice among other things. Jon went put to get fresh bagels for us to bring on our hike. We ate well all day.

The hike itself was pretty strenuous despite having light packs. Virtually the entire stretch was up and down steep hills including one 1,000 foot climb.

We met several of our hiker friends hiking north and enjoyed visiting with them. Of course they were very envious of our ability to slake pack.

The day was beautiful but rain moved in just as we finished and were waiting for Jon to pick us up. We had the obligatory ice cream on the way home thanks to Buffalo Bobby.

Terri cooked us a wonderful dinner while Jon made drinks for all. Dinner and desert was fabulous.
The wash is once again done and folded and I think just about every ounce of energy used up. Need to get some sleep and recharge for tomorrow.

PS:  I neglected to mention that Jon did his newspaper trick especially for the League. It was flawless and as always amazing. Since Jon only prepares this trick for huge crowds it was particularly special to have him do this for us.

I'll update the SPOT tomorrow evening.
Goodnight to all,
Trolley Stop

Guardian enjoys the view from Pine Knob

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  1. Wow the newspaper trick!! Boy Aunt Terri and Uncle JB the great treated you like royalty!! How fun!