Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Journal Entry # 116

Friday, July 22 - Day 120 - Mile 1401.4 - Graymoor Spiritual Life Center.  (102 degrees at Bear Mountain).

Big day today!  We broke 1,400 miles and I started my 17th week.

Loretta drove us back to the trailhead where she had picked us up on Wednesday.  We were on the trail climbing Bear Mountain by 6:45.

She also packed a cooler full of ice, water and energy drinks to leave at the trailhead as trail magic.  With the temperature hitting 102 and the heat index 115 those drinks will be lifesavers for anyone hiking past there today. We heard from a couple of hikers we met today and they were both very glad to find the drinks. One hiker was totally dry.

Thanks to everyone that made our ZERO so great. Yesterday was a very good day not to hike.
The climb up and down Bear Mountain today was wonderful.  Hundreds of stone steps were cut into the hillside and level sections of the path were beautifully graded and covered in crushed stone. After my fade out on Wednesday I was concerned about the first climb, but all went well. We celebrated with a break at the top and took some photos.

We then hiked down to the Bear Mountain Zoo but were too early to get our free entry as a thru hiker. So on we went over the Bear Mountain Bridge and up a typical AT climb straight up for a couple of hours.

After lots of breaks we finally came out on Route 9 right across from a connivence store. We stopped and hydrated and then hiked another mile to Graymoor.

It's very nice here. They let hikers set up their tents by the soccer fields and provide tables a shower (cold) and water.  It's currently 97 degrees in the shade but a light breeze is blowing so it doesn't feel too hot. Certainly a lot cooler than when we walked in.

Once again dinner is done and we're ready for a good nights rest after today's efforts.
Love to all,
Trolley Stop

Trolley Stop has become a shadow of himself

Perkins Monument at the top of Bear Mountain

Trolley Stop reenergized at the top of Bear Mountain

Guardian and Buffalo Bobby at the top of Bear Montain

Buffalo Bobby at the top of Bear Mountain

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