Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Journal Entry # 109

Friday, July 15 - Day 113 - Mile 1316.7 - Glenn Anderson Shelter

Beginning of week 16

Today we broke the 60% mark of our trip. The rumor is that when north bounders reach 60% we have only expended 40% of the effort.  I hope that's not the case. Can't believe much of what hikers tell you.
Wonderful campsite last night. It was just the three if us and very quiet. The temperature went down to 58 degrees. Perfect for sleeping.

The hike today was once again over rocks with a few interesting climbs thrown in. We're now 30 miles into Jersey with no sign of the rocks letting up. They're not quite as bad as PA, but they're a close second.
The views were panoramic and clear all day. New Jersey is a beautiful state.  Buffalo Bobby swears he's seen little people in these enchanted forests.

The rumor is that you can hike from deli to deli in NJ. So far it's worked out pretty well. We had deli sandwiches yesterday at the Mohican Outdoor Center and today at a little hole-in-the-wall place just off the trail. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Tonight we again have very nice campsites but with lots of company. Met a hiker here, Brother of the Wind, who was able to bring us up to date on many of those we've left behind. He was a wealth of information. He had to skip ahead a couple of weeks to fit a schedule he has. His plan is to go back and hike the second half of Pennsylvania after he finishes. (Better him than me).

The weather was again perfect for hiking. We continue to have such good fortune lately in that department.
Better bundle up for a good night sleep. Jane brought me my Kindle when we met in Harpers Ferry but I haven't been able to stay awake long enough to get through more than a couple of pages.  Can't figure out why we're so tired in the evening.

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