Sunday, July 10, 2011

Journal Entry # 103

Saturday, July 9 - Day 107 - Mile 1241.6 - Bake Oven Knob Shelter

A beautiful day.  The rain cleared out and we had great if challenging hike. Lots of climbing and rock scrambles. This afternoon we went over the "Knife Edge". This, for me, was the most challenging of the trip so far. Hiking poles were useless.

Guardian noticed in his guide that there was a restaurant about 11 miles into today's hike just west of a road crossing that served lunch. So...guess what...we stopped.  We had a wonderful lunch and a hiker we met last evening, Scribbles, came in a short time after we arrived and joined us. A very unexpected pleasant time.
The woods are full of day hikers with the weekend here and we had dinner with a few tonight who live in the area.

Learned last night that PITA, a hiker I mentioned earlier, who had to leave the trail in June, is back and only a few miles ahead of us.

Hoping to catch up with him one of these days. We actually only missed each other by 20 minutes in Fort Clinton July 7th

Tonight we're tenting at this shelter area. We set a new long distance record for getting water tonight. The water source was about a mile down a steep trail and through dense woods. Very good cold water was our reward for the journey.

Tomorrow we're taking a NERO in Palmerton. A couple Buffalo Bobby is in contact with will pick us up in the morning and return us to the trail on Monday.

The magic continues.
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