Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Journal Entry # 119

Monday, July 25 - Day 123 - Mile 1440.1 - Appalachian Trail RR station. (Slake pack provided by Terri & Jon)

 Terri & Jon gave us the gift of a slack pack hike today.  Terri drove us back to where we were picked up yesterday and we headed off with about 25 or 30 pounds less than a normal day. It felt great and we did 15 miles in 6 hours. Jon picked us up at the Appalachian Trail train station with cold water, bananas and treated us to ice cream on way home.  What a guy!

The hike was very enjoyable even though it rained most of the day.  We were able to climb with no hesitation with our light loads.  Of course we got soaked but it felt great to be cool after this past week of record breaking high temperatures & humidity.

So, tomorrow we'll pack up and Jon will have us back on the trail by 7:00 AM.

A wonderful day all around.
Trolley Stop

PS:  Since we were based at Terri & Jon's I did not set out my SPOT. That should be updated tomorrow night.

Second Pair of Boots Bites the dust

Our Hosts, Terri and Jon

Ronnie, Mark, and the L.E.G.

Ronnie, Mark, Terri, and the L.E.G.

Trolley Stop with the largets Oak on the Trail (Dover Oak)

Guardian & Buffalo Bobby at the largest Oak.

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