Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Journal Entry # 105

Monday, July 11 - Day 109 - Mile 1265.1 - Leroy A. Smith Shelter

The day started with Sebby preparing us breakfast and both Sebby & Deb driving us back to the trailhead just after 8:00AM and giving us a perfect send off.   We had a wonderful NERO!

The day was beautiful and pretty clear as we headed up one of the most challenging rock scrambles to date. This wasn't quite as challenging as the "Knife Edge" but much longer and on the terrifying scale the needle was pretty close. We survived the first hour of this epic climb, enjoyed spectacular views of Palmerton, and then continued to climb for 3 more hours. There were a few nice flat ridge walks with wonderful views but many, many more rock  climbs and rocky trails.  We didn't get into camp until 5:30 PM.  I think this was, by far, one of our toughest days. We didn't set any time records over these rocks.

We experienced the largest number of thru hikers and day hikers on the trail than any other day including our good friends Circuit Rider, Sherlock, PC, Glenn, Larb, DVD and many others.  Most days we see very few if any.

Water is at a premium but we had two occasions of trail magic with ice water and one with snacks which really saved the day.

Tonight we again had another hike to get water but we have plenty for our hike out tomorrow. We're still set to hit the Delaware Water Gap on Wednesday.

Having trouble keeping my eyes open so I better sign off and get some sleep.
Trolley Stop

Buffalo Bobby on the trail, just before seeing a rattlesnake!

Typical View from the Ridge

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  1. Oh, I think the rocks are just beginning! There are lots and lots of them in VT, NH and ME!
    I cannot believe how much trail you have put behind you! Can't wait to see you when you're in VT. Marian